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South Africa Possibility
Possibility Abounds With South African Portfolio
Robertson Chenin Blanc BottleAs with many of us that buy, sell, or trade wine, we put our faith in publications that have built their reputation naming the next trend. In fact, not only have their tions been built, but also those whose management puts faith in the words pages. Wine Spectator is just one of those trusted institutions: one that names coming trends, calls them out, and covers them as they soar.

September 2013’s edition of Wine Spectator calls out South African wines as relevant and notable on the wine landscape. The coverage also remarks on a number of South African scenic stops, not unlike the Cape of Good Hope.

At Imperial Beverage, we agree. We believe that South African wines are worthy adversaries to the old reliable. That these offerings are something special, unique, and that the individuality you’ll find in the glass will surprise you.

As a category, South African wines are a surprising leader. Even despite urging from our sales force (with the buying South African), this kind of purchase can be a stretch for the most seasoned wine buyer. Disbelief? Unsure of its growth possibilities as a category for your retail location or wine list? Whatever the reason, South African Wines deserve your second look, and certainly the opening of a bottle from the Imperial Portfolio.

As a buyer, possibility abounds in our South African portfolio. Reasons are plentiful for considering adding a South African shelf to your tried-and-true lineup.

Robertson Winery
Robertson’s Sweets Barista
Bon Cap Boudchard Finlayson
Ernst Gouws and Co. Groot Constantia
Ken Forrester
Lion’s Lair Reyneke
Ruins Rustenberg

South Africa is located at the southernmost region of Africa, along a 1550 mile coastline. The 25th largest country in the world, it is comparable in size to Colombia. The interior of South Africa is a vast, flat, and sparsely populated scrubland, the karoo, which is drier towards the northwest along the desert-lands of Namib. In contrast, the eastern coastline is lush and well- watered, which produces a climate similar to the tropics.

South Africa’s location at the tip of the African continent allows most wine regions to benefit from the coastal influences of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. These regions have mostly a Mediterranean climate that is marked by intense sunlight and dry heat. Winters tend to be cold and wet with potential snowfall at higher elevations. The threat of springtime frost is rare with most wine regions seeing a warm growing season between November and April.

South Africa has the oldest viticulture soils in the world, dating back over 500 million years. Historically, vineyards in South Africa were planted with untrellised bush vines until the 1860s when the phylloxera epidemic reached the continent, causing widespread devastation to the industry and vineyards that would take more than 20 years to recover.

In the late 20th century, more producers began to focus on quality wine propuction and adopted modern viticultural practices. Vines were planted to the vertical hedge row system and pruned to keep yield down. The lack of precipitation in many wine regions makes irrigation a necessity. Modern wine makers are developing new techniques and an understanding of the role that water stress plays in the development of quality wine grape production. Diversity of soils, matched by diversity of climate and geography, create a treasure trove of wine making possibility.

They've Done it Again: Wente Releases Brand to
Critical Acclaim

Wente Family Estates, known for its Wente Vinyards Wines, Murretia's Well, Hayes Ranch, the Food Network partnersip known as entwine, and the unforgettable "American Winery of the Year" distinction in 2011, has done it again. Launching Double Decker wines nationwide with their well-crafted messaging and solid brand identity, the Wente Family's latest is entering the market straight into customers' outstretched arms. Read More >

La Playa & CabCorp: A Contemporary Approach
This year marks the introduction of dramatic new packaging for many of CabCorp’s core wines, including the La Playa Estate Series, La Playa Block Selection Reserve, and Don Rodolfo wines of Argentina.
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New Age: An Essential Part of the Summer Lineup
New Age wines, offered in white and rose varieties, are terrific warm weather finds at any bar.  But more exciting was the opportunity for an establishment and its amazing bar & service staff to gain some New Age notoriety!

Exceptional Beers and Brewers Recognized in the
Largest Global Competition
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"The Next Big Thing" could be Mead
Draft Magazine reports a resurgence for mead's market share and popularity. See their coverage after the jump.
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Craft Brewers Among those Named Semi-Finalists for Prestigious James Beard Awards
The 2012 James Beard Awards semi-finalists list has been released, and more craft brewers than ever before have been nominated for this internationally recognized achievement in the category of Outstanding Wine and Spirits Professionals. Receiving a Beard Award is the highest honor...
See the complete list of Semi-Finalists Here >

Atwater Brewing: A Featured Michigan Brewery
Located in Detroit’s historic Rivertown district, and housed in a 1919 factory warehouse, Atwater Brewery was founded in March of 1997 with the purpose of carrying on the rich history of breweries in Detroit...
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USA TODAY reports "An American Wine for Every Day of the Week"
Originally printed in the November 2, 2011 edition of USA TODAY, Natalie Ermann Russell writes about domestically made wines, and even quotes Andrew Stover of Vino50 Selections, “The craft wines I sample from emerging regions like Arizona, Idaho or Michigan are often every bit...
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Fermented Fight Night
Contributed by IB Staff Writer Matthew J. Scott
Is it a frosty mug or a crystal glass that you desire? Though trends and reports vary, they have always tended to favor the same category. For twenty years strong, beer has remained the top preference for U.S. adults, but their contemporaries are gaining strength...
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Coors Light Gains on the lead Domestics, according to Symphony IRI
Comparable data results in a clear market winner, as Symphony IRI reports that Coors Light is the only brand with positive growth. Having surpassed Miller Lite in market share, Coors Light is trending to take over Budweiser...
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Wente and Food Network Collaborate for "entwine"
Wente Vineyard’s deep connection to food, embodied by their own on-site gardens that sustain the offerings of their area restaurant might raise eyebrows for some. If the passion of this family-owned house...
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A Rogue Collaboration: Artisanal Cheese made with Hops

In a "Collaboration of crafts", Rogue Ales & Spirits has released the first in a series of 2009 Bintage Cheddar and TouVelle cheese, made with hop varieties from the micro-hopyard at Rogue.
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Sake Made Simple
We all have favorites. A rich, luscious, buttery Chardonnay on a hot, hot summer day, served outdoors under an ancient shade tree. A stinky, spicy, tongue drying Cabernet served with our favorite carnivorous treat. But Sake?
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A Notable Supplier: The Other Guys

Widely recognized for its zealous approach to creative, cutting-edge marketing and unique...
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