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Raising The Bar
Michigan Beer Weeks
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Open Minded to All Beer Possibilities
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When a 22-year-old brewer named Joe Short registered Short’s Brewing Company as a business in the state of Michigan, Short’s as we know it today was born. With a solid understanding of brewing and a desire to brew bold, flavorful and extremely creative beer, Joe felt that people would travel to get the products that Short’s would create. Read More >

Sean Minor: a Family Man…and a Family Business
Inevitably, the first question of a winery owner is usually about winemaking philosophy.  “What methods do you employ? Tell us about your wines.  What makes them special?”  But when meeting Sean Minor and learning of his business philosophy (rather than just the winemaking), you realize his wines could only be truly understood with the understanding of why he decided to make his own wines. Read More >

AHA National Homebrewers Conference (NHC) coming to the mitten!
June 12-14 in Grand Rapids, Michigan
• 55 different seminars
• 80 expert speakers - the rock stars of the homebrewing world
• Keynote address by our Michigan pals, the Founders founders
• A welcome reception and toast spotlighting Michigan¹s finest commercial brews
• Club Night - wacky and tasty as ever!
• Thousands of delicious homebrews
Read More >

South African Possibility
Possibility Abounds With South African Portfolio
As with many of us that buy, sell, or trade wine, we put our faith in publications that have built their reputation naming the next trend. In fact, not only have their tions been built, but also those whose management puts faith in the words pages. Wine Spectator is just one of those trusted institutions: one that names coming trends, calls them out, and covers them as they soar.

September 2013’s edition of Wine Spectator calls out South African wines as relevant and notable on the wine landscape. The coverage also remarks on a number of South African scenic stops, not unlike the Cape of Good Hope. Read More >

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