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Raising The Bar
Michigan Beer Weeks
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Happening Now at Imperial Beverage...

Wine Spectator Top 100 features Numerous Imperial Products
As is the case with all major industry publications, Imperial loves seeing our terrific brands get the recognition they deserve.  But even more exciting is when we see a list generated by a Wine Spectator, arguably among the most reputable raters of wines in the industry, name a series of products in their top hundred recommendations that contain so very many selections from the Imperial Beverage portfolio. Read More >

Charles Smith and his "Modernist Project”
Growing up just outside of Sacramento, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Charles Smith began craving worldly travel at a young age due to his Welsh mother and French father. But as a young adult, his gypsy spirit took force and in time, Charles’ rock bands and concert tours management career took him throughout Europe. Wining and dining while on the road became a catalyst for his passion of wine, which ultimately triggered the professional move to winemaker. Read More >

Imperial Beverage Takes the Lead on Michigan Beer Weeks
Imperial Beverage, supplier of craft beer, fine wine, and nonalcoholic beverages to the State of Michigan, has, in recent years, become the go-to organizer for area beer weeks. Quick to admit that this wasn’t their original intent, the team at Imperial is pleased where this winding road has led. Read More >

Imperial Beverage expands Vintus portfolio
Coming May 2, 2014 to the Imperial Beverage portfolio are two new brands from Vintus: Ayala and Heartland. Read More >

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