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Lion Pursue WORLD CLASS craft beer
Located among amidst acres of tea plantations in the small hillside town of NuwaraEliya, Lion is nestled at the foothills of “Lover’s Leap,” a majestic waterfall. As the Lion brand was crafted, quality and excellence have been the continuous standard. The ingredients, while always a critical component in the development of a good craft beer, are held to near impossible standards. Lion’s products are exemplary in every way, and the standards for “good” craft beer simply aren’t good enough. The malt is obtained from the Czech Republic, Britain and Denmark, and tremendous care is taken to perfect the blends offered by these locales. Lion’s source for hops is Slovenia, and their yeast from Britain. At Lion, palates are discerning, but the end result is clear: unparalleled craft beer comes from a painstaking process and carefully chosen ingredients.

A Worldly Place
In the mid nineteenth century,
the British Empire expanded to the tear drop shaped island called Sri Lanka. Emerging as a booming entity for growing the finest tea, Sri Lanka attracted thousands of Europeans, who settled in the mystical mountains in a quest to farm black gold beads of tea.
A Dignified Pursuit
During this time, a British Explorer Sir Samuel Baker, stumbled upon a picturesque location nestled amidst steep mountains and cascading waterfalls. Realizing that this idyllic spot was perfect for a brewery, in 1848 the Ceylon Brewery was built, catering to the European settlers.
A Premium Brand Grows
150 years later Lion, the global flagship brand of the brewery, has grown into Sri Lanka’s number one brand. A truly unique brew containing the same strain of yeast, brewed according to the original recipe developed by the first brewers, Lion Stout has won many international awards and medals for distinction in taste and quality.
Notes of cocoa and coffee on both the
nose and palate. Deep ruby coloring with
tan lacing on the glass. Hints of toffee and vanilla as well with a long, complex finish. Beer reviewer Michael Jackson called it his favorite stout.
* Gold Medal/91 points, World Beer Championships, 2009
* 6 Time Gold Medal Winner at Monde Selections
* A-, Beer Advocate
* 90pts, All About Beer
* Top 3 Foreign Extra Stouts on
* 99pts,

This is a big beer, with defined malt character. Hints of grass and citrus with a creamy, medium body. The taste is of sweet grain, a touch of fruity alcohol and herbal/earthy bitterness with a crisp, refreshingly dry finish.
* 92pts and highest rated European lager, All About Beer
* Silver Medal 2006, Monde Selections

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